Source Support Services, Inc. On-Site Warranty

This warranty supports systems purchased prior to February 2, 2014.

Source Support Services, Inc. utilizes a network of over 8,000 engineers nationwide to provide our clients with services ranging from standard next day onsite response to 24 x 7 with a four hour response.

Contracted by Seneca, Source Support Services, Inc. is focused on supporting the computer support needs of small to medium-sized companies with cost-effective IT service solutions. Source Support Services Inc. has a nationwide onsite warranty provider network and logistical services for logging, coordinating, and monitoring onsite repairs for systems under warranty, so you can be confident that your customers will experience minimal interruptions in their business due to system failure.


In addition, when you add onsite warranty services to your Seneca system, customers will find the support information located on the side of their chassis including an 800 #, a web address giving full instructions on how to obtain onsite services and procedures, and details about locating their system serial number. For convenience, only the system serial number will be required by customers to obtain onsite service.

Please view the Source Support Services, Inc. onsite instructions for more information »